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Where is Euro going relative to US Dollar? USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE (machines don't KNOW anything)
Our own forecast for the EURUSD currency pair for approximately a five-day period, after which a new forecast will come here. Find out how your internet browser can refresh any page, eg CTR-R or [F5] or by a menu, so that you have this page in its most updated form. We suggest that the betting should be of this type: EURUSD [ ] buy, because EUR may in general increase relative to USD [ ] sell, because USD may in general increase relative to EUR with the expected degree of fluctuation: EURUSD [ ] very strong fluctuation [ ] strong fluctuation [ ] normal to strong fluctuation [ ] normal to moderate fluctuation [ ] only moderate fluctation This EURUSD forecast: [ ] has been submitted Start date and clock: ca APRIL 23, 2018 GMT-TIME nn:nn AM [x] is being worked out at present When the latter option is selected, 'worked out at present', the next prediction may come eg monday, although sometimes other days are chosen; and in some phases incl holidays, also when too sharp fluctuations for safe trading are probable, there may be delays of fourteen days or even more. When a forecast has been submitted, it will normally be removed from here after approximately five days. Sometimes the forecast will be so that an expected peak will take place during the week to which it applies, which can be fetched by a suitable 'take profit' condition. If this 'take profit' condition doesn't come automatically, the trade is closed manually. The notion is to use a moderate leverage and aim at a moderate but, in the long run, and by consistent work, a very decent yearly profit indeed.

Quick links to a number of graphs incl forecasts and glimpses of news and upcoming events, produced in a variety of ways sometimes as input to our own first-hand suggestions as given above as what the personal currency day-trader might try to gain a profit What time is it? WORLDCLOCKS
First, let's see, if we wish, what a bunch of others, freely selected, say about the pet currency pair, EUR with USD (if you use noscript.net or something like that you should probably let javascript etc fully on in order to view these): Some graphs and more about how it is right now, with the Euro<=>USD relationship: >>>>>>>www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=FX:EURUSD >>>>>>>www.bloomberg.com/quote/EURUSD:CUR >>>>>>>www.fxstreet.com/rates-charts/eurusd Some more general news analysis pages, often touching on EURUSD relevant stuff: >>>>>>>www.reuters.com/finance/currencies >>>>>>>www.fxstreet.com/analysis/ A calendar with forex events, possibly relevant for US Dollar and Euro in upcoming days; there are other calendars associated with other pages linked to from here and, to be sure, you should consult several calendars: >>>>>>>www.research.handelsbanken.se/Calendar/ A mix of news comments about Euro, USD, and/or both, and graphs, and sometimes forecasts, which may or may not be right: >>>>>>>www.tradingview.com/chart/EURUSD/ >>>>>>>www.investing.com/currencies/eur-usd >>>>>>>www.actionforex.com/action-insight/eurusd-outlook/ >>>>>>>www.bloomberg.com/search?query=eur-usd%20news >>>>>>>www.dailyfx.com/eur-usd >>>>>>>www.forexcrunch.com/category/forex-weekly-outlook/eur-usd-outlook/ >>>>>>>www.forecasts.org/euro.htm >>>>>>>www.fxempire.com/currencies/eur-usd/forecast These have more general comments, sometimes EURUSD info and/or forecasts also: >>>>>>>www.onlineforex.net/tag/usd/ >>>>>>>www.freshforex.com/analitics/fresh-forecast/ >>>>>>>www.eurorateforecast.com/category/media-quotes/ >>>>>>>www.dfmarkets.co.uk/en/market-analysis/forex-technical-analysis.asp >>>>>>>www.mcoscillator.com/learning_center/weekly_chart/ The adviced trading method First find a high-integrity trading station. This requires a good nose. But it does help if you analyze in some detail what you get out of them in terms of email when you ask lengthy questions, and over some time. Then check out how trading goes with demo money. Use a leverage that is as low as you feel make sense. If you have lots of money, why not aim at getting much more out of fx than a bank would give in interest rate, yet much less than if you chanced it by high-leverage trading? For some info on trading with eg MT4 there are some early but useful essays also at our: yoga6d.org/economy.htm Be aware that there may be intense changes at some times of some days and hardly any changes many other times during the week. Trading over several days means that there's a chance that the general development of the currencies have a larger influence on how you earn money than whatever spikes (natural or artificial) may exist at the trading moment. If you feel like it, try working without any 'stop loss' parameter but with a 'take profit' set. If you set it too high, you must close the trade manually, but it may still be profitable. If you avoid stop loss, you can always consider letting it go on for some time to see if the trade after all can swing itself into profit. By not having too big leverage much can happen to the graphs without the quantity on your account getting into problems. If you wish to use weekly predictions then you must stay out of scripts and methods oriented towards minute-by-minute trading, for these fluctuations aren't governed in the same manner. You must, when fluctuations are greater, use less leverage. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
Disclaimers: * The information on this page may be right or it may be wrong and there's not the slightest garantuee that following these advices will lead to profit. * Please be aware that even with moderate fluctuations, a strong leverage can create big fluctuations at the profit and loss levels. * Please be aware that even if you use a standard FX program against a database of a broker, this program may have a database manipulated so as to create spikes that do not exist in other databases, so as to force a 'stop loss' to close the trade. * Please therefore be aware that some brokers are so set up as to very often create losses for their customers. They may adorn themselves with fake reviews, prizes, etc, in the hope that someone will send them money, that they simply keep. * Some brokers may have defunct chatlines and so on, and when you wish to withdraw money from them, it may turn out that they are impossible to contact and that the withdrawal money page doesn't quite work. * Therefore, the more appropriate places to go should be to those who offer more integrity and with an earning chiefly on the buy/sell margin differently rather than on clever background scripts. * To earn money in a virtual demo account doesn't mean that one will get the same with a real money account because the FX broker may operate with other scripts and prices on that one. * Trade with surplus money, not with money that's essential to you. * The currency market isn't regulated, so there's no official second-by-second price and so FX brokers don't break the law when they do manipulative actions, such as to create false swings in the very moment one does a 'close' of a trade; one must therefore select a high-integrity FX company. * Any very short-term fluctuation betting should be avoided since the degree to which manipulation takes place, also by means of some of the biggest information companies in the industry, can be much higher here. * A bank with a general interest in radiating integrity to a multitude of customers and with a multitude of businesses and many employed people may be may be a better bet in many cases, but you must use your own nose in selecting the trading company.